The Kindness of Strangers harnesses the power of inspiring stories to build empathy with people from elsewhere and raise funds for refugees.



  • Travel opens our minds to the world; it helps us to embrace risk and uncertainty, overcome challenges and understand the people we meet and the places we visit. But what happens when we arrive home? How do our experiences shape us?

    The Kindness of Strangers explores what it means to be vulnerable and to be helped by someone we've never met before. Someone who could have walked past, but chose not to.

    This is a collection of stories by accomplished travellers and adventurous souls like Sarah Outen, Benedict Allen, Ed Stafford and Al Humphreys, who have completed daring journeys through challenging terrain, adventuring from the Calais Jungle to the Amazon, from Land’s End to the Gobi Desert, from New Guinea to Iran and many other places in between. Each has a story to tell of a time when they were vulnerable, when they were in need and a kind stranger came to their rescue.

    These are stories that make our hearts grow, stories that will restore our faith in the world and remind us that, despite what the media says, the world isn't a scary place – rather, it is filled with Kind Strangers just like us.

  • Book Launch!

    Friday the 14th of September 2018


    Join us for an evening of Adventure as we launch our book on Friday the 14th of September.

    We've an exciting lineup from the world of TV, Film &

    Conservation. Have a drink at the bar with our speakers

    be inspired and make your heart grow!

    All proceeds go to charity. KOS has raised over

    £20,000 for Oxfam's Refugee appeal.


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